Hydro-jetting is the method of blasting highly-pressurized water to clean the inside of your pipes to prevent or resolve back-ups and clogs. Plumbing Innovators Industrial is skilled in hydro-jetting and we have the equipment to get your job done effectively and efficiently. Our hydro-jetting services can be provided throughout the Fredericksburg, Virginia area as well as all of Central Virginia.

The Benefits of Hydro-Jetting


Due to its power, a hydro-jet is able to remove clogs and blockages of any size and type. It is able to rid your pipes completely of build-up due to fats, oils, grease, hair, and other inorganic and organic matter. Other drain cleaning methods will often leave behind traces of residue and build-up, but hydro-jetting will make your pipes as good as new!


Unlike chemical drain cleaners, hydro-jetting is a completely safe method of removing blockages and cleaning your pipes. The chemicals found inside home drain cleaners are extremely corrosive and eat away at your pipes. A hydro-jet uses only water to get the job done, so you can trust that your pipes will remain safe.


Hydro-jetting can be used both proactively and reactively for commercial or residential plumbing systems. When you have a blockage deep within your plumbing system, the hydro-jet is the only tool that can remove it safely and effectively. In addition, regular drain cleaning via hydro-jetting significantly reduces the likelihood of further clogs from forming.

Clogged Pipes or Lines?

Hydro-Jetting Will Get Your Pipes Running Like New

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